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Nuclear Intentions: Iran

Iran has been involved in preparing nuclear weapons keeping in view her security requirements. Reports indicate that Iran has been developing ballistic missiles which can possibly be used in conveying nuclear weapons. Apart from that, Iran is developing missiles and vehicle that can be launched into the space. Though, Iran has maintained the stance that her nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes U.S. has been trying to sabotage the program for more than three decades. Firstly, U.S. accused that Iran has been secretive about her nuclear program including hiding information, making deceitful proclamations and destroying evidences. It was further claimed, according to IAEA, that Iran has failed to cooperate with the agency in investigations against her nuclear program. Secondly, many U.S. observers have made claims that Iran’s need to have nuclear program is questionable. Iran has denied all allegations against her nuclear program and explains that expansion of nuclear power reliance is required to generate electricity. Iranian officials have further described that continuing nuclear program is expensive. It is not known if Iran will resume the efforts to acquire nuclear related material to kick start her nuclear program but Pakistan stands with her. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also mentioned that “Pakistan stands with Iran in this hour of need” while being in conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif. Iran’s existential threats and fragile security conditions in the region are the main driving force in State’s nuclear ambitions.