CPEC Cultural Communication Center Established in Suzhou, China

CPEC Cultural Communication Center Established in Suzhou, China


(Press Release)


A visiting group from Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan came to China and visited Suzhou Vocational University. Secretary Education GB, Secretary Water & Power GB, Vice President of FPCCI and President of GBCISTI attended the seminar in which they discussed the issue of the cooperation of cross-border education exchange. In addition, MoU about culture and education field between Suzhou Vocational University and Education Department GB has been signed in this seminar.

Aiming at the China human resource shortage and industry upgrading, GB visiting group will support CPEC CCC (Cultural Communication Center) which was established by Suzhou Vocational University and St. Xianglin Management and Consulting Co.,Ltd., the subsidiary of St. Fulin Group, China together in Suzhou. With the joint efforts from each side, CPEC CCC will be the FIRST communication platform in the field of education and culture in China.

CPEC CCC located in Suzhou Vocation University, relaying on the World-Class facility and tremendous faculties, CPEC CCC is developing the programs for CPEC. The functions of CPEC CCC are as follows: Sino-Pak Students Exchange, Academic Research and Seminar, Vocational Education, Chinese Culture Experience Camp, Teachers Exchange and so on. CPEC CCC will cultivate the talents especially for “B&R” and CPEC, it will become the Brand Program in the field of Sino-Pak education and culture communication. 

‘Hundreds talents of personnel education plan’: CCC has a great piece of plan which is hundreds talents of personnel education plan, in this plan, at least 100 good students from Pakistan will be trained and educated in China and get job offers. As a great piece of plan in 2017, CPEC CCC will offer them free tuition for the whole study!

Started with the cross-border communication and based on Suzhou International Education Center as entities, CPEC CCC will become an education and culture communication platform in eastern region of China for dual side in 3 years. 

Miss echo Lee, the CEO of Chengmu Co. Ltd., was also present at the occasion and expressed her desire to have more of such centres in collaboration with Pakistani counterparts such as Pakistan House and Silk-Pak Route Collaborative Co. Ltd. Meanwhile, in order to promote the talents cultivation for CPEC, CPEC CCC established an information base for reserving of talents and offering employment opportunities. The information of the students will be tracked during the period of enrollment, study and internship.