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Anni Fiil

Born in Odense, she lives and works in Slagelse, Denmark. Ms. Anni Fiil is formally educated as a tapestry weaver. During her professional career, she has made several tapestries for schools and institutions, as well as an altar frontal (antependium) for a small church in the village Hyllested, Sjælland, before she noticed paper, especially handmade paper as a medium for creating art.

She has been working as a paper artist for more than 20 years. As a member of IAPMA (International Association of Hand papermakers and Paper Artists), she has had the opportunity to exhibit all over the world including Australia, Korea, Israel, Poland, England and the US. All exhibitions have been juried – “I have been lucky” she says. She is also a member of the graphic Art Workshop, Næstved, where she creates calligraphies.

In March 2013 she plans participate in an exhibition entitled, “the Art and Soul of Paper”, Norwich, England. Her presentation includes the collection of Japanese Paper (Washi) from Kew Gardens, London.Tom Jørgensen, BA, Editor of Kunstavisen, writes: “Anni Fiil’s primary material is handmade paper which she assembles in collages, using iron and copper as supplementary materials. In the collages the pace is deliberately arrested. The colours are subdued and the compositions seemingly un-dramatic, until you take a closer look and discover a subtle, intriguing world of fine nuances, dynamic compositions and the textural – extraordinarily beautiful – qualities of the paper, qualities which, in conjunction with other materials, create a richly varied orchestration of sense impressions.”

She can be reached at: