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Trump’s Stance on Guns Spurs Rare Political Response in Denmark

In a rare example of breaking with diplomatic niceties, the prime minister of Denmark is publicly urging President Donald Trump to respond to the outcry that has followed the latest mass shooting in the U.S.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen, who leads Denmark’s center-right minority coalition, said Trump needs to listen to the students demonstrating in support of tighter gun control. He chose to convey his sentiments via Twitter, Trump’s preferred medium for communication.

Rasmussen said he does “not intend to interfere” in American politics. “But allow me to give a Danish perspective: @realDonaldTrump, please, respond to the request of your youngsters who demand gun control.”

“Don’t accept the world record in school shootings,” Rasmussen said.

The step suggests the latest outbreak of gun violence in a U.S. school, which left 17 people dead, may be emboldening some prominent figures to speak out. More than 33,000 people die in incidents involving firearms every year in the U.S. and Americans own more guns than anyone else in the world.

Denmark, on the other hand, has a restrictive licensing law and episodes of gun-related violence are rare. According to a study by the Justice Ministry, just 1.4 percent of violent crimes reported in 2015 involved a firearm.

Courtesy: Bloomberg