Danish businesses win UN orders

With eight UN organisations, Copenhagen ranks as number six among cities in terms of UN representation, and Danish companies are good at winning orders in the UN system.

In ten years, Danish businesses have tripled their sales to the United Nations. In 2011, Danish companies sold services and goods worth about USD 400 million to UN organisations. Danish sales to the UN are worth twenty times as much as Swedish and Norwegian sales to the UN.

Largest UN costumer of the Danish companies

UNICEF’s large warehouse has been located in Copenhagen’s free port area for many years, and UNICEF is the largest UN customer of the Danish companies. But the United Nation’s Development Programme, UNDP, and the refugee organisation, UNHCR, are also faithful customers.

To draw benefits from the location

“It is extremely positive that Danish companies have profited from the UN presence in Copenhagen. Across sectors, the companies have been able to draw benefits from the location. And it is obvious that a number of Danish companies have achieved a good understanding of what it takes to make business with the UN system,” says DI Senior Advisor Marie Gad.